We Wouldn't Be We

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“You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”

i can love y o u

i can not touch your hand
i can not stroke your hair
i can not kiss your lips
i can not see your eyes
i can not hug your neck
i can not watch you smile
i can not look at you laugh
i can love y o u

Answer to My Question

This article from New York Times magazine answered, and so wonderfully, my question as to why the letter “i” is capitalized when speaking in first person. The thought came to me while i was in the shower and it really stirred my thoughts around. Hopefully You will read it and understand why my capitalization is a bit off.

“It is entirely impossible to trust everyone.”

Elie Saab Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2012 
Very much looking forward to his 2013 Spring/Summer collection. Watch it live one January 23rd!

We can not control the situation under which we have, so strategically, been placed by one whos name is always changed.
We also can not control the effect it will impose on our simple minded minds or what our all-to-eager tounges will speak to show reaction.
In all honesty, we can not control anything.
Yet, we can not let it be.
So what do we do when it suffocates our lungs and embeds in our chests?
We allow it to slowly eat what souls we have left with a plan to play the victim.